Vermouth Turmeon


Vermouth Turmeon

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Turmeon Vermouth  is handcrafted following the ancient family recipe, this wine has been aged in 80-year-old barrels for an average time of 20 years (solera ageing), for that reason gives to the final wine a complexity and mouth-feel unique. 

The Vermouth has a beautiful mahogany/amber colour with refined aromas of hazelnuts and marzipan, also the flavours of spices and violets with a touch of figs and prunes. 

In the mouth it is a generous unctuous wine, (non-sticky) with a persistent after taste and a good intensity and silky tannins. 

Best served with lots of ice one olive and an orange rind, or use it as a base of many cocktails. 

This Vermouth is well known for the aphrodisiac and digestive proprieties. With a fresh twist, to be enjoyed any time. 

Town: Morata de Jalon (Spain) 

Varieties: 75% Macabeo - 25% Garnacha

Alcohol: 15 %

Wine aged in “solera” barrels for a length of 20 years. 

Infused with more than 12 different botanicals. 

Bottled 8 of June 2016

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