The Ultimate Spanish Wine Pack

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The Ultimate Spanish Wine Pack

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This package includes a sample of the 3 wines produced during The Ultimate Wine Experience. 

Tasting notes from Los Enoloz wines: 

White wine Verdejo:Pale green-yellow color. Clean and bright wine with lots of glyceric tears, well balanced and harmonious aromatic bouquet to stone fruits appear along with touches of citrus, elegant creamy notes of pastry and spices (vanilla). Slight fennel notes.
Very good, ample and embracing attack. It has a creamy and siky texture and a soft, fresh and long taste, very nice mid palate. Its notes of fruit, citrus and herbs are intense. Excellent acidity and a very persistent finishing.

Rose Garnacha. Amazing pink color with blue hues. Clean and bright with again lots of gyceric tears, amazing strong flavors to blackberry and blueberries, also some strawberry ice cream touch. 
Soft but tasty in the mouth, with intense explosion of red fruit and long long persistency in the mouth. well balanced in the acidity and rounded.

Red Tempranillo. Dark violet color. Flavors of cherry and plum, very fruity. 

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Los Enoloz wines capture the essence of Spain in every glass,” Los Enoloz Wines are made with 100% certified organic grapes, Non-GMO, and Vegan Friendly with no animal byproducts used in production.