2016 Los Enoloz Verdejo

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6_VERDEJO_560X420PPP (1).jpg

2016 Los Enoloz Verdejo

from 19.90

 This Verdejo wine was produced in the high lands of the terrace of Duero river, with the grapes of one of the oldest Verdejo vineyard in the area, the grapes were harvested in the cool of the morning and transported quickly into the winery. After a cold settling the juices were fermented in new French oak barrels, under controlled temperature (12 degrees) during 3 weeks. The flavours of stone fruit and citrus were getting more and more intense during the fermentation.  When the fermentation was finished, the wine was racked and no fining or any addition was needed. 

The result: Pale green-yellow color. Clean and bright wine with glycerol tears, well balanced and harmonious aromatic bouquet to white fruit and melon appear along with touches of citrus, elegant creamy notes of pastry and spices (vanilla). Slight fennel notes at the end.

Ample and embracing attack. It has a creamy and silky texture and a soft, fresh and long taste.  Its notes of fruit, citrus and herbs are intense. Excellent acidity with a persistent and rounded finishing.



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Town : San Roman de Hornija (Spain)
Variety :  100 % Verdejo
Area: 6,5 Ha
Rootstock: 110-R
Clone: Cl-4
Planted: 1958
Density: 3x3
Aspect: North
Soil: round stone on top and sand underneath
Altitude: 690 m
Harvested: On September 10th 2015
Alcohol:  12.90 %
Residual sugar:  1.9 g/l
pH: 3.39
TA: 6.75 g/l
Finning: none
Bottled 6 of December 2015
Bottles: 6,411
Los Enoloz wines capture the essence of Spain in every glass, this wines are made with 100% certified organic grapes, Non-GMO, and Vegan Friendly with no animal byproducts during their production.