The Ultimate hands-on Winemaking Experience


Have you ever wanted to make your own wine and see behind the scenes of the old world, where it all began? Well now you can!

Best of Spain is offering you the chance to be involved in the winemaking process – from grape to glass – and travel through some of the most renowned and celebrated wine regions in the world. Of course this would not be complete without expertly matched regional Spanish cuisine, prepared by some of the most passionate local chefs. By the end, you will be an expert and can enjoy your very own Spanish wine with your friends at home, while sharing this truly unique and unforgettable experience!

All of this in a relaxed, traditional setting where you can’t help but absorb the history, culture and fall in love with the breathtaking Spanish countryside.

Read below to see how you can experience the very Best of Spain. 

During the month of September grapes are harvested in Spain, and those involved will be very hands-on in the process. In addition, while the wine is fermenting there will be no time wasted, as you will enjoy a one week winemaking and viticulture tour around the most recognized wine areas of Spain.

The Winemaking experience includes visiting the vineyards, selection of the very best parcels of fruit, berry assesment, grape processing, fermentation control, pressing, and all the wine tasks required to make a traditional Spanish wine certified by the appellation. At the end you will have produced 3 different traditional Spanish wines under the expert guidance of experienced Spanish and Australian winemakers. When the wine is finished it will be bottled and shipped back to your home with a personalized label, so that you can share your very own piece of Spain.

The Winemaking experience will also give you an insight about Spanish viticulture, the history and traditional Spanish winemaking techniques, in addition to the new and exciting methods that are being pioneered by passionate descendants of Spanish wine families. You will discover traditional Spanish grape varieties that are well-adapted from the dry and hot climate to the cold high plains, learn about the ancestral techniques that have been applied to Spanish winemaking for centuries, but also how modern techniques and quality control have been applied to improve the quality of Spanish wines today. Last but not least, you will become an expert in the wine, absorb the vibrant Spanish culture and taste best quality Spanish food, with all dietary requirements catered for, if notified prior to the trip.
This experience includes all boarding costs in quality accommodation, and a one-week tour around the best wine regions of Spain, in addition to the two weeks of guided, hands-on experience at the winery making three different Spanish wines, and 18 cases of the wine you make to be shipped directly to your home for your enjoyment.

On 2019 The Ultimate will run from 13th to 30th of September.

Price starting from $4800.

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