2016 Garnacha Rosé - ancient vines


2016 Garnacha Rosé - ancient vines

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The Garnacha wine was produced in Toro with the grapes of one of the oldest vineyards in the area (prefiloxeric), the grapes were harvested in small boxes and during 3 weeks the juice was fermented at controlled temperature. The flavors of red fruits and violets were evolving during fermentation to black- forest fruit aromas. When the fermentation was finished, the wine was racked and no finning or any correction was needed. 

The result: Amazing pink color with blue hues. Clean and bright, amazing strong flavors to blackberry and blueberries, also some strawberry ice cream ends.
Soft but tasty in the mouth, with intense expression of red fruit and very long persistency in the mouth. Well balanced in the acidity and rounded.

Yes it is a rose but not as you know it... 


Town: Morales de Toro (Spain) Area: 5,5 Ha

Rootstook: Own roots.

Clone: Navarro Planted: 1880

Density: 3x3
Aspect: North
Soil: 90% sand and some limestone Altitude: 700 m
Harvested: On September 7
th 2015

Alcohol: 12,95 %
Residual sugar: 5,4 g/l
pH: 3.45
TA: 6,55 g/l
Finning: none
Bottled 5th of December 2015

Number of bottles: 6,500


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